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For many years prior to my joining Toastmasters, I would comment to family and friends – “I would love to do public speaking”, the responses being – “Whatever for”, “What a crazy thought”, “I couldn’t think of anything more boring”. Never once did anyone comment “What a great idea”.


My son asked me to give a speech at his wedding. I was hesitant at first, then thought “Here is my chance to join a public speaking club to get some practice”.


I joined Maylands Toastmasters on the 3rd April 2005, four weeks later, on the 1st May 2005 with great pride I delivered my first ‘public speaking engagement to 120 people’ at my son’s wedding.


I sincerely believe in the Toastmasters program and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to enhance not only their speaking ability but their confidence in general.

Ann Cullen March 23, 2016

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Great supportive club with many experienced members ensuring everyone achieves their goals in public speaking.

Steve Wilson April 12, 2016

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Toastmasters is a great way to boost your confidence and public speaking skills. I strongly recommend their program for your personal and professional development. The Maylands club are full of friendly and supportive members and I enjoy going every fortnight.

Sean Gomes April 12, 2016

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Maylands toastmasters is such a supportive friendly place you just end up improving once nerves abate (they never fully go unless you are really special).  Maylands has special people who with their generosity help you discover your public speaking self.  I look forward to every meeting and always learn something new.

Happy Maylands Toastmasters Member

Barbara "Jet setter" Harrison April 15, 2016