4 February 2016 Toastmaster’s Report

4 February 2016 Toastmaster’s Report

Toastmaster: Barbara Harrison

Meeting Number 323 Thursday 4 February 2016 – Only 2nd meeting for 2016 and 5 new members and 4 visitors joined us:

5 newest: Natasha & Simian Ngweso; Michelle Zhao; Margaret & David Connor

Visitors who participated and added to the fantastic evening: Robin Arora, Chris Henke; Sallie Watson and Kimberley Walters

Memorable excellent speeches by three members:

John Lehane speech #2 “Whatever it Takes”
Harshita Chopra speech #6 “Power of the Smile”
Sanjay Rao speech #2 “Five Things I Achieved in 2015”
Word for night “Neighbourly”- Grammarian John Dendy – new member Margaret Connor showed she is going to be a worthwhile new member using the word the most.

Table Topics – Luan Duong had novel way of weaving the theme “I Can Help” by having an interesting array of famous and not so famous photos to choose from:

Matt Grigg chose Donald Trump in the plane crash; David Connor (new member) chose the Queen for his lung transplant; Margaret Connor (new member) chose none other than Luan Duong to look after her after her divorce; Natasha Ngweso chose the Star Wars Storm Troopers to help with minding the child – another good choice and some great stories.

New member Michelle Zhao great job with our warm up – boring party ended up with fancy frocks and bunny suits.

Simian Ngweso (new member ) did too good a job with our umm/errs yes the Toastmaster was the winner 22 errs – will be paying some attention in the future.

Great night great fun……….

One thought on “4 February 2016 Toastmaster’s Report

  1. Dale

    Good to see the club still going strong and having a lot of fun!
    Some familiar names there which is good to see too 🙂

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