31 August 2017 Toastmasters Report

31 August 2017 Toastmasters Report

Toastmaster: Keith Cundale

About 18 people took part in the meeting on 31st August, which was slightly below our recent attendances, but still a good healthy size of group and evidence that the Club is thriving. In fact, our Immediate Past President, Paul Hemmings, displayed the ribbon that we have been awarded by Toastmasters International in recognition of our success in the “Beat the Clock” contest in May / June, when Maylands TM Club increased membership by FIVE new members. The Club continues to grow and during this most recent meeting one of our recent Guests (Clare Hackett) also made the commitment to join us.

This week’s meeting required a few last minute adjustments to the Agenda due to participants not being able to attend or no-shows on the evening. Keith Cundale was the Toastmaster of the Evening and had to step in, at the last minute, as Grammarian.

We heard three prepared speeches: AJ Murthy gave a speech about Motivation for his CC4 assignment and Harshita Chopra has now completed her Competent Communicator Award track by successfully delivering a fascinating CC10 speech on “Brain Hijacking”. She did indeed inspire the audience to think differently when they are facing difficult situations in the future and our congratulations to Harshita for completing the CC track!
Ann Cullen is following one of the Advanced Communicator manuals – “Storytelling” – and this week gave a moving and highly personal account of her memories of her late Mother. An affecting story, expertly told and very well received.

AJ Murthy was Table Topics Master for a lively TT session and Barbara Harrison gave us an entertaining and professional overall evaluation of the evening.

Meetings of our Club continue to involve large numbers of different people filling the various roles and we are enjoying listening to a wide range of speeches – from various stages of the CC manual and also from a variety of the Advanced Communicator manuals.

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