Have you ever been asked to give a speech or presentation, and experienced a feeling of panic and utter dread? You are not alone. Many people fear public speaking more than they fear death! However, being an effective communicator is an important skill and one that can be learned with practice.

Toastmasters is an organisation dedicated to improving your public speaking. We provide you with opportunities to practice speaking in a friendly and supportive environment and coach you on your path to public speaking success. At Maylands Toastmasters, our members come from all walks of life and each has something different to offer you.

So whether you are giving a work presentation to colleagues and clients, being the best man at a friend’s wedding, or just looking to boost your confidence, we invite you to come along to one of our meetings and get started on your journey to effective communication.

Maylands Toastmasters meets at 7.00pm every second Thursday at the Peninsula Centre. Get in touch with us for more information.